This year we have a new payment process using the school cash on line system

-          Kids/ parents collect payment for whatever they sell. If it’s by cheque then the cheque is made out to that person/ family not the school

-          The child hands in the order form to the coordinator for that fundraiser, but keeps the cash/ cheques themselves

-          Fundraising coordinator checks the math on the forms, and writes down the total that child / family owes

-          Fundraising coordinator keeps the individual order forms but makes a list of each child’s name and how much they owe for that fundraiser and gives the list -          The school goes into cash online and enters what is owed onto each family’s account. She will put in separate amounts for poinsettia vs. cookie dough.  So if our family sells $300 worth of poinsettias and $100 worth of cookies, example: Tony’s cash online account shows he owes $300 for poinsettias and $100 for cookies.

Fundraising amounts owed are available to view and pay online on the School Cash Online website. You will need your child’s Power School ID number that can be found on their timetable. Once you set up your login, you will be ready to make online payments at the following link: Major credit cards and e-checks are accepted when making on-line payments. Step-by-step instructions on how to use the online payment system are on the following link:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Brenda Morphew

Fundraising Coordinator    403-589-0116