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Day 5 - April 2

posted Apr 2, 2013, 7:00 AM by Luciano Barbieri   [ updated Apr 2, 2013, 7:00 AM ]

Ni hao again!

Having a memorable and enjoyable experience in China.  

Today we visited the Beijing Capital Museum in the morning, and then the silk market/knock-off market in the afternoon. 

The kids found the knock-off market/silk market to be really fun, and some of them proved to be quite good at bartering.  I found it a bit overwhelming but I think I managed to find my own wife something quite nice.  

In the late afternoon we played at the Beijing Foreign Language School (2200 students from grades 7 - 12, 100% of them go on to university).  Their principal made a nice introductory speech and I did my best to thank them and introduce ourselves - in English, of course!  We also exchanged school gifts between us. Their concert band (around 60 students) performed 4 pieces for us, and they were excellent. Our Concert Band, Choir and Jazz Band then performed for them, and also gave an excellent performance - to quote their principal, we represented Canada very well.  Our students then got the chance to chat with their students and exchange small personal gifts.  Our students felt like rock stars since so many of their students wanted their picture with us.  It was a truly memorable experience.  

Afterwards we had Peking Duck for dinner, which was delicious.  

Tomorrow we do Tai Chi in the morning at the Temple of Heaven, lunch with local families in the Hutong District (plus a rickshaw ride), then the bullet train to Xi'an for a six hour ride - we should arrive around 11 pm China time.