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Day 8 - April 5

posted Apr 5, 2013, 8:27 AM by Luciano Barbieri   [ updated Apr 5, 2013, 8:27 AM ]
Ni hao for the last time,

Today was our official last day here in China - tomorrow we fly from Xi-an to Beijing, then Beijing to Seattle - then for 26 of us, Seattle to Calgary on Saturday and for the other 25, Seattle to Calgary on Sunday.  The first flight returning to Calgary on Saturday is Alaska Airlines AS 2118, ETA 6:05 pm Saturday April 7.  The second flight returning on Sunday to Calgary is Alaska Airlines 2116, ETA 11:54 am.  See flight details here.

Today was a long but eventful and adventurous day.  We left early this morning and visited the 8th Wonder of the World - the Terra-Cotta Warriors.  Simply stunning.  Over 2200 years old, over 7000 of them, and each one completely individual in appearance.  

In the afternoon many of us enjoyed a 8.5 mile perimeter bike ride on top of the ancient city wall (around 1, 300 years old) and then visited an ancient cultural street and learned Chinese calligraphy.  

We ended our evening by celebrating two of our female students' 16th birthday (one was today, the other's is tomorrow) in one of our hotel rooms, with birthday cake and lotus candles.  

Tomorrow will be a long return trip, but we have certainly enjoyed our time together and our memorable experiences in Beijing and Xi-an, China.  It's been "ding ding hao"!

Bye for now.

Diego Bechthold