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Flight Details

Hello Travelers!!

We received the e-tickets for your child’s trip to China just in time for the New Year. Here is the information for ride planning and scheduling purposes. 

Check in is 150 minutes prior to departure – meeting as a group in front of Alaska Airlines 3:45am.

 *** Check Calendar for times relative to our local time MST.


Depart Calgary March 29, 2013

Depart Calgary International Airport at 6:20am - Alaska Airlines Inc – Flight AS 2115
    Arrive in Seattle international Airport at 7:20am – travel time 2:00hrs
Depart Seattle at 2:00pm - Hainan Airlines – Flight HU 0496
    Arrive in Beijing Capital Airport Saturday March 30 at 4:55pm. – travel time 11:55hrs.


Depart China April 6, 2013

Depart Xi An Airport 10:45am - Hainan Airlines – Flight HU 7138
    Arrive in Beijing Capital Airport 12:25 pm – travel time 1:40hrs
Depart Beijing Capital Airport 4:20pm - Hainan Airlines – Flight HU 0495
    Arrive in Seattle 12:05pm – travel time 10:45hrs

As discussed at our last China meeting the group will be split up in Seattle with a part of the group (including Jeff Smith) leaving on an earlier flight. Please contact Diego Bechthold directly if you are unsure which flight your child will be on.

First flight out of Seattle - April 6:
Depart Seattle at 3:25pm - Alaska Airlines Inc – Flight AS 2118
    Arrive in Calgary at 6:05pm – travel time is 1:40hrs.

Second flight out of Seattle - April 7:
Depart Seattle at 9:10am - Alaska Airlines Inc. – Flight AS2116
    Arrive in Calgary 11:54am.


Visit Alaska Airlines' flight status page on line to view any possible flight changes to the Seattle to Calgary flight. 

Prompt pick up inside the airport at the arrival meeting spot/gate required. 

Chaperones are required to "hand over" traveller to parent/chaperone in person.


Please note the following:

Our big bags and instruments (larger) will be leaving Beijing with the tour company ahead of the group and will be waiting at our hotel when we get into Xi’an.  SNA tours requests that all big bags have locks (supplied and installed by each traveler) put on the main compartments – big instruments should be locked as well if possible during the overnight train to Xi’an.