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Food Kiosk Fundraiser

posted Nov 18, 2013, 6:37 PM by Luciano Barbieri   [ updated Nov 18, 2013, 6:37 PM ]

Dear BCHS Music Parents and students,

We have been offered an opportunity to put together a food kiosk for the KARZ RC Racing event being held at BCHS December 6th-8th.  This will be a group fundraiser where the general music fund will be the major recipient of all proceeds.  The general music fund is used for many things including but not limited to renting instruments when far from home (ie China or New York), purchasing music scores, replacing and refurbishing instruments, travel expenses such as trips for provincial championships, and of course pre-purchasing items such as the recent hoody order and poinsettia order.  We need at least one general fundraiser per year to keep the music groups liquid.  As with all past fundraisers we will be giving back to the community – please read the exerpt from the attached fundraising sponsorship letter.

“Bert Church High School Music groups are putting together a food kiosk at the KARZ RC Racing event being held at the BCHS gymnasium December 7th and 8th.  The BCHS “Racing in Harmony” fundraiser will contribute 30% of all proceeds plus any monetary donations to the "Build a Wall" Airdrie Food Bank fundraiser.  We will be working in "harmony" in order to raise funds towards the food bank as well as the highly anticipated music trip to New York in 2015.  We will need a variety of food and drink items as well as paper products to make our fundraiser a success (please see suggested list below).  Your generosity is appreciated and will be identified and acknowledged at the event.  BCHS music believes in giving back to our community and we are excited to once again pick the Airdrie Food bank as our charity recipient.”

Your lead fundraiser coordinator is Maggie Csori with teammates Danielle Domshy, Karen Paynter, and Melinda Pryor.  We will need a minimum of 45 students and 10 additional adult volunteers to make this fundraiser a success.  We will need all the items noted on the attached letter which we are hoping to have donated by local supermarkets and other businesses.  We will also be needing people willing to cook Chilli, bake cookies and other sellable treats such as rice krispi squares and puffed wheat squares. 

A sign-up sheet will be going up in the music room for students to pick a volunteer spot.  Each slot will be 3 hours long and will be arranged as per the following:

  • Friday:   Set up – 5-8pm (4 student spots/time slot)
  • Saturday7:30am – 10:30am; 10am – 1pm; 12:30pm – 3:30pm; 3pm – 6pm; 5:30pm – 9pm (4 student spots/time slot)
  • Sunday:  7:30am – 10:30am; 10am – 1pm; 12:30pm – 3:30pm; 2:30pm – 5:30pm (4 student spots/time slot)

Adult volunteers are needed for all slots as well – please send your availability to Maggie.

Please encourage your child to share their time.  Being a volunteer is not only personally rewarding but it also a real benefit when applying for educational scholarships, applying for a jobs etc.

If you or someone you know could donate any time and or items please contact Maggie ASAP.  If you can help in any way please contact Maggie ASAP.

We are excited to help the Airdrie Food Bank!!  When you ask for support please use the attached approved sponsorship letter. 

Alternative contact – Melinda Pryor –

Thank you as always for your continued support.


Diego Bechthold